wear the grudge like a crown (eleventy7) wrote in cyanophilia,
wear the grudge like a crown


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thats really cool thank you

I also really love your stelarc userpic

You're perfectly welcome. And thank you for noticing. (:
I want legs like that
and his third arm

IT really goes well with your color sceme too.

Nice comfy colors in your journal
I actually re-did my journal colors to match the picture. Ever since, I've been thiking that maybe it's too halloweeney, it's nice to get some positive feedback on that. (:

I actually have a pic of his 3rd arm that I've been thinking of making onto a "vulnerable" icon, but I haven't gotten around to it. Hell, I've hardly had time to keep my boots polished, the last few days...
what do you mean Vulnerable?

sorry 5:am and tired
Well, I try to have one default pic, one happy pic, and one for the negative emotions. Which sucks, because people already have a tendency to confuse my hurt with anger, but it's the best I can do without a paid account.

Anyway, my current unhappy icon (see above) doesn't really suit my unhappy modes of late. I'm feeling less bleached-out/exhausted, and more vulnerable. So I want to use the image of his hand reaching up for... something with an appropriate caption as a "Vulnerable" icon.

Am I making any sense?
yes you totally make sence, I've been to do more of the same thing, but I'm missing a few pics.
Well, be as specific as you can about what you're looking for, and I'll be glad to scrounge for some stuff for you. (:
I actually think I want to start making me own. :)

Nympie helped did a few of my other ones.
Okeedokee. Well, if you need/want anything else, drop me a line.
Cool thanks alot :)

(I just saw all my spelling mistakes, ouch, I need to start watching that, majorly degrading.)
(Bah. It's the internet.)