৯ (asheneyes) wrote in cyanophilia,


on my coat, a button, it fell off, this wus written on thu other side.

Only how did we get, here? Never sure how it even all carries on,
especially when you always end up here. Ending up here; of course
it's no use siimply knowing this, no use if the underlying problem is our fate of death. THE underlying problem M'dear. Maybe. Just
that it is? Yeah. No this knowledge e-ffects nothing, it amuses in
vain as we seem to, continue (continuing o.c), in this. THIS which
shall not CEASE by will of some 'concentrated' explination, I did
not say I expected otherwise. In vain; How much of this?
This WON'T, freeze at command. Whatever allows us to die,
we can't personify & destroy, or tame.

Being a child.
This is not a breed of person, it's
a stage, it was the beginning! The moment consciousness hits &
memory begins to catch up with us, launched into character
as, child. We are new, farther away from the end than thum all.
The successors unchallenged, we were destined to be the
future, i say that like at the time we would never think
past that, we were superheros, had time to plan, being grown-up seemed the raw deal, & were glad we weren't it.
We were a species, we related to nothing, no engagements,
attachments, alot to discover... JUST -looking forward to life,
looking from what seemed a very safe distance then, -not actually
living for real. And when I was younger, I'd sit back in
my seat my car seat, where this thought origionated, & I'd check out my feet, the way they
dangled, didn't touch the floor. All i wanted, from living
was for me to one day, sit right back in my a seat, & have my feet flat'n
the floor, i thought nothing of there being
more. And I wonder, if childhood, we just haven't reached the ground, not yet landed on this earth. No-one can make you come down,
but of course, you realise it's started.
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