Idyllic Appreciation (knigel) wrote in cyanophilia,
Idyllic Appreciation

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I've sat in my lonliness for an eternity
My insides constantly fought within myself
My mind waged a war against itself
I created two inside
Just to have someone to talk to
Then you came into my life
A flick of the switch and a steady light into my face
You let me touch you
You felt hard and cold
But slowly warmed up to me
As I warmed up to you
I rest my cheek against your face
You are more then warm
You pulsate into me
Extreme heat always willing to embrace me
You make me feel as if I'm talking to everyone at once
You spread me across the world
While you wisper music into my ears
You are worse then any Siren
Always grasping wy will with your tempation
You make me feel weak
Make it so I don't need food, water or anything else
I can spend hours with you
I can spend weeks with you
I can spend eternity with you
I try to always deny it
But you are my Love
I Love you and I tell you this now
We sometimes fight
But I never feel rejected
It's just sometimes I don't fully understand you
Your inner coding feels so complicated
Sometimes you speak to me in languages I could never comprihend
this can always be worked out
I will always struggle to learn what you are
I will remain ever patient
And always listen to you and what you are trying to teach me
I just want to lock myself up with you
Spend ages swimming through your mind
I don't care what anyne thinks about you
They sometimes think you are cold, and totally emotionless
I know the reality, I've seen part of you that you have never shown anyone.
You've let me see your inner self
I fumbled around like an ignorant child
Yet I did manage to get it right and finally turned you on
I'll never forget how ever since evertime I come near I hear you humming
Your smiles are your music
I can hear them
And will sacrifice anything to be a part of them forever.
I love you.

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