Idyllic Appreciation (knigel) wrote in cyanophilia,
Idyllic Appreciation

The Automatik Writer

In the sound of the extra begining there was no random speach of a frogprince. The slave of the after moon reached out to the sky and took into the hand of soft rememberance a silver coin. When the sky reached full peak a star shone into the window of the greatest castle. Babble was a great achaivement for that culture, and was raised in one perfect child. From that certain day a random culture was bloomed into perfect communitcation. All fragments of human was inspired with intention. Freedom set a limited release into expantion, and a wife became a sister. When all was calm a toad was kissed and there wasa crack in the roof. A new light broke into a room of circles. what once made perfect clarification to an asylum broke a mind and sent it into contagion. There was one career, and could there be only one choice? There was a possiblity of flipping a one sided coin, and a daughter took that posibility. When it was dawn a group of adventurers went out of town into the forest of the city and from then on became an endless flow of flesh and personal mayhem. Future bloomed into the sunlight eating the rays for fear of the most perfect hunger. A pebble made the water dizzy and claimed a reflection of it's own. Hair weaved it's own nets and became a revolution. A note of music swept over the horizon and skitted into an array of the most permament of stagnations. fear took hold once in the heart of a cousin, from that day there was an achievement of desire. Solitude was set in the mind during a communion and a new wife stood up and claimed that only in embrace are people free to be alone. A stranger to the town wandered into the hall and whispered a noun. In the past a feat such as voice was redirected to a song until a day when a sneeze became an echo became an avalanche. People once loved a certain bird but then soon fell to admire it, when one boy befriended it, the city attacked it. Laws were laid against talons and nature was outlawed. Paper became life and a gaggle of humans became an Idea. When there was a whisper it shook a house and a memory was rethought.
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